About SHInE Program

SHInE Program at St. Hilary’s

Our SHInE Program is designed for babies and toddlers aged 6 to 30 months old to gain an Interactive & Educational experience at St. Hilary’s with their significant carers.

SH – St. Hilary’s

School . Community

This Bilingual (English & Mandarin) School-based program is designed to help babies and toddlers develop their school readiness before joining nursery school & kindergarten. In our well-facilitated school setting, young children will explore and discover new skills and knowledge as a member of St. Hilary’s schools.

I – Interactive

Social Interaction . Bonding

This program emphasizes different forms of social interaction. We believe positive contact with different individuals is essential for babies and toddlers’ healthy growth and development. In our classes, teachers facilitate-

  • Fun activities for parents/carers and children to learn together,
  • Opportunities for young children to interact with each other; and
  • The bonding between our school and the families.

E – Educational

Learning through Play . Structural Curriculum

  • Set goals for each age group to achieve
  • Term-end report and observation